Strategy sessions

The format is based on the Circle facilitation method. Its fine tuning paces the the team’s current evolution stage, the degree of mutual trust, and the collective’s cultural specifics.

The method’s value can be considered on two levels:

  • Emotionally, all the participants feel their equality and mutual responsibility;
  • Rationally, the adjusted line-up o the strategy session allows tackling of issues that are commonly thought of as eternal, i.e. cyclic interactions with no outcomes. We use widely renowned methods of inventive problem solving, creative techniques, such as Walt Disney and Sherlock Holmes strategies, as well as regular inductive & deductive scenarios.

The service is provided in three stages:

  1. Consultation or briefing with the client, where we set goals, figure out nuances and agree on the general scenario;
  2. The session itself and its summary by the team members;
  3. Feedback after the session: HD Trance provides a report and offers the client to fill out a feedback form.

Physically, we recommend to hold strategic sessions in a rental hall, i.e. not in the daily interaction space. If your company owns a conference hall, use it.

Online strategy sessions are perfectly organized and held in ZOOM. This allows to save on rental & transportation, but requires some discipline.

NB: by default, we do not take care of organizational matters and do not include the hall rental in the price of our services.

A single strategy session

You can order a single session to work on any specific strategic objective or to engage the top management. We also include single strategic sessions as a recommended stage in software implementation, business transformation, reengineering and other projects.

Please see the "Order" section for more details.

Recurring strategy sessions

Every team and every business goes through their own evolution path. It can be spontaneous or voluntary (we don’t call it conscious or guided as these terms also refer to theism and cyberpunk).

Grass roots evolution means conflicts, obscured struggle, crises, sanitary purges, weird and short-lived forms of management and many more entertainments.

Voluntary evolution involves a regular monitoring and mutual feedback processing, and what is more important, relies on an authoritative evolutionary model and a profound understanding of one’s progress on its track.

We consider the set of three evolutionary models as sufficient:

  • Adizes corporate lifecycle;
  • Graves spiral dynamics;
  • Own 9-step team evolution model developed by the authors of the Circle method.

Our key clients tend to use recurring strategic sessions to ensure their own awareness of their evolution, structure it and resolve the expected growth issues ahead of time.

We recommend to hold recurring strategy sessions once in a quarter or year, given that the ongoing business process & communication improvements are carried out in a regular manner between the sessions.