Business psychology

We improve our customers’ sales & marketing and value creation performance using safe, ethical, and transparent algorithms. Our guiding rule is: manipulation is acceptable, given it is a caring manipulation.

Client profiling

How to attract only relevant audience? How to predict the customer’s behavior and adjust the funnel according to it?

Why 20% of the clients waste 80% of your resources, how can you figure them? What should be done about them and what is the destiny of the rest? Why are each manager’s customers similar to each other, but different from another manager’s?

Profile your customers and get more incoming orders with less input. Segment your customers by profile and lead them to specialized funnels where each group’s conversion is many times higher!

Figure out each segment’s behavior and offer them a specialized service format to ensure a longer customer lifecycle.

Promotional recommendations

Marketing and advertising are definite budget wasting champions. The audience behavior is too complex and depends on factors you can’t control. This makes some budget loss inevitable.

But you can and should increase the ROI of promotional efforts. How can this be done?

  • Segment the audience and develop targeted communication for each segment;
  • Create images and select formats of promotion that fit each segment perfectly;
  • Adjust online tools to control the promotional communication in an easy and transparent manner;
  • Try various channels and eliminate the inefficient.

Neuromarketing implementation

Masses believe that neuromarketing means a cruel and heartless technology designed to sell junk to trustful people.

That is wrong. The technology described above is called “bazaar”.

In a thoughtful responsible master’s hands, neuromarketing turns into a customer experience improvement tool.

The NM’s main objective as we see it is to make the customer’s desirable behavior most available and obvious for her ensuring that it will lead to mutual satisfaction of the client and the business.

We begin the NM implementation defining the customer reaction cycle (trigger - action - reward - input - loop).

The business processes and customer service are then streamlined in accordance with the cycle.

We then analyze the feedback from the market and decide on further optimization, as well as possible implementation of specialized tools for obscured but beneficial influence.

Negotiation preparation

Negotiation starts the moment you learn that you are going to have it. Everything that happens from this point on can and should be optimized to achieve best outcomes.

We help individual negotiators and teams to:

  • Set the minimal, maximal and optimal goals for negotiations;
  • Examine the opponent and the context of negotiation, figure out important details;
  • Outline the behavior strategy for the negotiation, including the A, B, and C plans;
  • Enter the proper emotional and intellectual state;
  • Distribute the roles in the team of negotiators and rehearse teamplay;
  • Figure out the intermediate outcome criteria and tactical maneuvers based on them;
  • Summarize the negotiation after its end and put together the recommendations for the following talks.

Negotiation support

Holding negotiations on your owns is suboptimal in some cases. Not only because someone can do it better than you, but also because observer position is sometimes tactically beneficial, allowing to gather some essential information to use it on the next turn.

We support negotiations with clients and partners in two basic modes:

  • A specialized negotiator who represents your side and ensures the best outcome possible while you gather information in a safe state;
  • Circle negotiations, i.e. a structured and facilitated discussion based on the Circle method. Use it to figure out the plans with technological partners or bring several potential suppliers together and spot the best of them in the circle.

Staff recruiting support

Who is going to become your employee? This depends on the way you think of it long before you post the job announcement.

We have examined life cycles of hundreds of employees and found out that they were essentially their managers’ paths expressed in what happened to the employees.

In order to pick enough good people and make them like you in turn and kick off a long collaboration, we help to:

  • Describe the desired employee profile;
  • Put together the job announcement that will attract fitting people and repel those irrelevant;
  • Plan the interview to figure out the features essential for collaboration;
  • Hold the interviews and select people on the basis of the target criteria.

Besides these stages, we offer "Circle interviews", which is especially beneficial for project teams. Using this approach we can put together a new team within a single interview session.


There are no straightforward solutions to complex, especially conflict situations. An outsider moderator or mediator makes the conversation productive. He / she streamlines the interaction, eliminates excessive emotional effects and guarantees the desirable outcome for all participants.

The mediation utilizes the applied technique called the "Circle court" based on the Circle method.