Bitrix24 Implementation

Helping business to take advantage of automation
Bitrix24 features

Bitrix24 is a powerful world renowned business application designated for business process automation and management. It encompasses and integrates CRM, ERP, BPM, HR management, Analytics, Project management, Internal & External Communication, and more.

Virtually all your departments and employees will make use of Bitrix24 thanks to its broad scope. Salesmen, marketers, project teams, accountants, call center, warehouse & drivers, even external users like contractors & clients, - everyone loves your Bitrix24. It is equally easy to use on desktop & on mobile.

It also ensures quality integration with external systems, including your website, various communication channels, social networks, accounting applications, WMS, BI, and more.

Even the free version of Bitrix24 allows to achieve a whole new level of teamwork and client management.

- Projects of any complexity are run transparently, no more value loss due to misscommunication.

- Colleagues and customers get the opportunity to keep track of the actual tasks and discuss them based on the timeline. They easily arrange meetings and see the progress of each other's work.

- Using the CRM module which B24 is most famous for, you can implement sales intelligence, visual sales funnel management, and build impressive customer service for each lead. Yes, you stop the lead loss once and forever.

Embedding the system in your business

To make this a real success and avoid the risk to disappoint your people, you should pay close attention to implementation. It must be well prepared and carried out with commutment and knowledge.

To ensure smooth implementation and eliminate resistance, we help you to:

  1. Engage employees in the matter of business optimization from day one. This is how we make future automation long-awaited, not sudden;
  2. Analise and audit: workflows & project management, personnel, customers, etc.;
  3. Improve business processes offline to prepare them for automation;
  4. Strategize implementatuin, including step-by-step configuration, customization, and introduction of each functionality;
  5. Actually implement the system, including development and personnel training;
  6. Track activity and respond to feedback, including technical support;
  7. Introduce or adjust management accounting to better evaluate the outcomes of implementation.

No failures

It is often the case that a poorly implemented system becomes a total disaster, even though its logic and code are perfect. The reason is often beyond the IT. As a matter of fact, management often tries to make the team to work "in accordance with the workflows provided by the system". With Bitrix24, you can automate business processes keeping the valuable practices and workflows your people are accustomed to, given they are really efficient. 

To make this happen, we:

  1. Adjust the internal communication and meeting management system;
  2. Integrate B24 with all the information environment you have so far;
  3. Create custom workflows, from simple document flow to unique business processes;
  4. Implement your project management approach in the system. We also adjust the profitability control and task tracking tools;
  5. Shape the unique customer experience, including personalized portal view and chat bots;
  6. Arrange the portal in accordance with your corporate style.

Engaging and training the personnel

HD Trance key competence is team integration. We only automate good relationships and productive communication. If you neglect your employees' relationships, communication specifics, and attitude to business automation, you will definitely produce the outsome known as "garbage in - garbage out".

This is why we never start with PHP or HTML. We start with the human communications, including the decision making practices and conflict management, if needed.

  1. Ensure employees' full involvement in business process improvement and automation;
  2. Every following element is introduced when the previous one is well adapted;
  3. Provide you with clear overview of the outcomes of each stage.

As a result, while your competitors still struggle to cope with the personnel resistence and make up new perks that are all the same desperate to make people work "the way they are supposed to", you are building the system that is 100% a response to the conscious request from your business environment: employees, customers, partners, and the business model itself.