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Besides the individual businesstherapy, which is the narrow meaning of this term, I distinguish a corporate businesstherapy, namely a business transformation based on individual businesstherapy, also including a close work with teams including team diagnostics and therapy.

A simple principle of change management suggests that any system can only be described (diagnosed) from the outside. At the same time, any system can only be changed from the inside. An obvious idea emerges from this, that to improve one’s performance and relationships with the environment, one should:

  1. Step out from one’s own position and consider own behavior from aside, in the most detailed and impartial way possible;
  2. Decide on the changes required;
  3. Step into one’s own position again and introduce the changes.

When I started promoting my new product called Businesstherapy, a quick competitor analysis showed that I was not the first one to use the term. This did not disappoint me. Quite the contrary, this manifested that there is a number of people who also enjoy the sound of this word and consider it meaningful.

I made up the concept that later became Businesstherapy at a training in applied psychology. We got a practical task to study each other’s algorithms for any productive (destructive) activity and try to learn how to get similar results (avoid similar troubles).

Good concepts tend to evolve in time as if they were living creatures.

One example to illustrate this fact is Stephen Covey’s Habits. In his 2004 book “The 8th habit…”, Covey puts it clear a number of times, that the 7 habits described in his 1989 book still work but are not decisive for one’s success if one is lacking his unique Voice, meaning, does not apply the 7 habits to one’s mission, devotion, serving the humankind. We will consider this point in-depth as applied to this book’s scope in the section dedicated to a Businesstherapist’s personality.

The famous paradox called “success trap” in business normally takes the form of intensive utilization of previously optimal strategies and technologies while disregarding new R&D, market exploration, long-term viability factors. This kind of change aversion leads to increasing competitive disadvantages.

While the chilling wails over civilization drowning in its own waste gain volume and produce destructive overtones, life already suggests insights into how the omnicorruption the modern world wades through will be cancelled.


To be more specific,

  1. The human wins over the automatic thanks to human genuine advantages, including empathy, flexibility, and creativity....
  2. ...