Key Competence 2019 - to Rise Above Oneself

Teamwork is connected with daily search of agreement between a great multitude of opinions. It has already become commonplace that people accept decisions eagerly and carry out what has been agreed on responsibly as if it were their own decision, if they feel co-authors of these decisions. To help teams produce decisions together we teach them to use the Circle Method

But it does’t work smoothly every time. Because sometimes it is just too hard to rise above yourself. How can it be if you “know” exactly what is right?

Why is it so? Moreover, why do we disagree on the most important, vital issues?

Few leaders are ready to serve others for the sake of unity. A big boss cannot annul himself. The truth is, there’s really no need to! Your annulment is in helping others to express themselves, for them to be realized.

Express, do not suppress

One cannot suppress oneself, this is true for everyone, not just the boss. We also have no right and no point in destroying anything in ourselves or in others. But if you help your colleagues to develop what is planted in them, for the sake of the team and its performance, this means that you are expressing yourself correctly and then you discover how you have grown up. The fact that you helped others to manifest themselves also helps you to grow correctly. 

You should not make a decision as long as there are many different opinions present, i.e. until the team comes up with a unanimous decision. In the state where there are many dispersed viewponts, you will never come to the right decision. You will concede to each other and disperse each one in your own direction.

No. You must articulate the problem and rise to the new level of collective mind, as there is the solution. 
What can men decide together in there regular manner of concession? Nothing! We can see what is happening in the world, what men are capable of. One cannot put the opposites in order until the 'third' establishes the middle line between them and welds the opposites into one. This 'third' is the collective mind generated by the circle. This is where you are invited to rise above yourself when something goes wrong in the teamwork.

You, yourself, would not have thought that you have to be thus inclined, and suddenly you discover in yourself the responsibility, the effort to help others grow, manifest and realize themselves, and then you feel how you have changed in a direction that you have not thought of before - to be a greater round leader (i.e. based on mutual responsibility enhanced by the circle method). 

Everyone can feel that, and 2019 is the right time to start.

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