The elegant way to master the mess

I made up the concept that later became Businesstherapy at a training in applied psychology. We got a practical task to study each other’s algorithms for any productive (destructive) activity and try to learn how to get similar results (avoid similar troubles). My partners for this exercise were a young business consultant and a young lady who ran a small beauty industry business. We spent three days in constant conversations slowly figuring out and formalising the algorithms utilized by this lady to launch successful business projects. Another algorithm we studied was about her devastating her own business. Her initial request was to learn why she was regularly losing her customer base, or, to put it in a more straightforward way, why customers were enticed by her retiring employees.

Our three-day practice has been more insightful than long months she spent wondering how to stabilize the business and keep it safe.

Modern business requires creative, elegant and quick treatment to improve its positions instantly. Another peculiarity is a high level of personalization: business is about personality, and even when it comes to teamwork optimization, it is personalities that we work with and help each individual find his or her best position with respect to the inner essence of the team. As a businesstherapist I value the ability to switch from psychological language to the language of figures and reglaments, from the team to the person and back, every given moment considering what will produce best results for the entire business system and be most ecological from the viewpoint of everyone involved.

Gleb Bogatskiy

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