Competition for empathy

People search ways to improve efficiency, ensure a better control over life’s developments, increase their wealth and fame. This is why we search for new algorithms that would take into account more possibilities. We cleanse our daily schedule to eliminate annoyingly unproductive activities and keep those offering the best payoff. We develop reporting systems to make processes more transparent and insurance programs to protect ourselves from what stays intransparent.


While the chilling wails over civilization drowning in its own waste gain volume and produce destructive overtones, life already suggests insights into how the omnicorruption the modern world wades through will be cancelled.


To be more specific,

  1. The human wins over the automatic thanks to human genuine advantages, including empathy, flexibility, and creativity.
  2. Horizontal management is a complicated yet vital shift towards the future (alignment with the future life conditions which have already entered our reality).
  3. Competition in customer service quality is replaced with competition in impressions given. This, in turn, yields to competition in ability to transform attitude, desires, self-perception, mindset, and the way the service is provided. In other words, the future competition is competition for the level of collaboration in all possible perspectives.
  4. Service is about love. (Express it in terms of customer service, impressions, and transformation / collaboration?)
  5. Don’t you think of CRM systems as fill-and-drive right out of the box. CRM is largely about algorithm-enhanced love.
  6. Love is exertion. Don’t seek for easy life and one-for-all solutions. It is all lies.
  7. Empathy is the human consciousness’ triumph over any of its creations.
  8. Assuming machines’ expansion over human equals doubting the nature’s supremacy (perfection) as it has created us, as though we are able to create something more advanced.
  9. Algorithms as the supreme deity that is not allowed to argue. In fact, no matter how complex and advanced the algorithm, it represents (stems from, builds upon) its authors’ world view, which is obviously restricted with respect to the actual complexity of the world. Eventually, any algorithm is no more than one way to describe the reality, one possible application of its properties.

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